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Updated 18.10.2020
Product number: 11106
Power: 12 kW
Material / Finishing: stainless/enamel/glass door
Width: 45 cm
Height: 75 cm
Dept: 42 cm
Volume of sauna: 5 - 12 m3
Amount of stones: 30 kg
Additional information:
Smoke outlet diameter: 115 mm
Distance of smoke outlet from the floor to the bottom edge of outlet on the sides and at the back: 59,5 cm
Smoke outlet: on the sides/at the back/on the top
The hinge side of the door can be changed.

Stones are not included - Sauna stones

Pipes are not included in package: Smoke pipes / Sauna chimney for woodburners

Technical details
Property name Value
Sauna room min. (m3) 5
Sauna room max. (m3) 12
Dimensions width (mm) 450
Dimensions height (mm) 750
Dimensions depth (mm) 420
Dimensions diameter, (mm)
Stone capacity max. (kg) 30
Heater output (kW) 12
Safety distance to sides and back / wood and bricks (mm)
Safety distance to front (mm)
Safety distance from upper surface to ceiling min. (mm)
Fire chamber cover (mm)
Location of smoke outlets at rear: from floor to centre of hole (mm)
Location of smoke outlets on top: from rear edge to centre of hole (mm)
Diameter of smoke outlet (mm)
Weight (kg) 55
Adjustable legs on stove body, (mm)
Adjustable legs on frame, (mm)
Maximum length of firewood, (mm)
Minimum hole width in the wall, (mm)
Minimum hole height in the wall, (mm)
Maximum hole depth in the wall, (mm)
Water heating
Water tank, (liter)
Technical details
Property name Value
Output, kW
Sauna room min, m3
Sauna room max, m3
Dimensions width, mm
Dimensions height, mm
Dimensions depth, mm
Weight, kg
Stone capacity max, kg
Sauna room height min, cm
Supply voltage, phase
Connection cable, mm2
Sensor cable, mm2
Data cable, mm2
Fuse A
Control unit
Water tank capacity, l
Vaporisation effeciency
Additional information

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