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Updated 03.06.2023
We offer you a full chimney set for woodburning stove. If the standard size of the chimney does not fit your measurements, feel free to contact us and we will help you find a solution. If you already know what parts of the chimney do you need, then while you will be making an order, please write the names of the parts in the commentary box, after that click on the button "Discount request" and complete your request.

Part names are listed below:

Chimney parts:

1) Condensate
2) Cleaning Module
3) Mounting stand
4) Tee Fitting
5) Modular pipe 1 meter
6) Modular pipe 0.5 meter
7) Brackets for wall
8) Upper adapter
9) Rain Protection
10) Modular pipe 0.5 meter
11) - Chimney connector
12) Modular pipe - 0.25mm
13) Decorative flange - 2pcs
Technical details
Property name Value
Product name
Factory code
Material Stainless steel
Diameter, (mm) 115
Material thickness, (mm) 0,7
Aditional information

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