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Updated 19.10.2020
The Kastor Chimney Set has been designed for use only as a flue channel for the flue gases emitted by fireplaces that are used according to regulations. Emissions that differ from the regulations (e.g. heat, pollutants) may damage the chimney. To prevent damage to the flue channel, avoid burning plastics or material that includes plastic (possible creation of hydrochloric acid, for instance). Various glues may also contain plastic or other pollutants, which is why glued pieces must not be burned in the fireplace. 
H=1500+1000mm, Ø115mm
chimney set:

• non-insulated connection pipe of 1 m which can be shortened (permitted minimum length 0.2 m)
• the insulated section (1.5 m) is always delivered
in two parts, which are connected to each other with a tie ring
• finishing piece
• starting piece
• the supporting flat ceiling plate, which is suited for pitches of the roof of 0°–30°
• roof seal for (to seal the chimney root), clip J100-2256055
• rain cap (slid on top of the upper element and
tightened in place)
• CE decals (2)
• installation manu

Roof seal can also be delivered for flat roofs as on option.

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