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Updated 05.08.2022
Approved with CE certificate

    • Perfect thermotechnical characteristics are a result of computer mathematical modeling. 
    • A stylish design makes it possible to install the stove in the most modern interior. 
    • With a cast-iron stove burner with two rings of different diameter you can cook on an open fire in dishes of different size, load fuel from above and clean the upper part of the stovefrom soot. 
    • With a stainless heat-exchange unit (in modifications with letter «Б») you can heat water for domestic needs. 
    • Highly effective slot convectors protect from hard infra-red radiation and transform 77% of useful heat into mild convection flows. 
    • With a capacious firebox you can fill the stove with the maximum amount of wood for long-lasting continuous burning. 
    • A large vertically-oriented hatch of the firebox makes it possible to comfortably fill the stove with wood to the top. 
    • Fine tuning of the burning intensity makes it possible to steplessly choose any mode of the stove operation. 
    • A universal outlet of the chimney makes it possible to equally conveniently bring the chimney out both upwards and backwards. 
    • A catch lock of the chimney flap reliably retains it in the selected position. 
    • A well-considered geometry of the fire-box excludes the accumulation of non-burnt coals. All fuel gradually drops down to the grate under the action of gravity. 
    • A replaceable protection prevents the firebox from burning-out in the place of accumulation of hot coals. 
    • An air-tight ash box with a lock excludes an uncontrolled air suction, but it is still easy and convenient to remove the ashes.

Pipes are not included in package: Smoke pipes / Sauna chimney for woodburners

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