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Updated 15.08.2022
Approved with CE certificate

    • The area of the heating surfaces is record large, they are directly heated by flame and cooled by air. 
    • A large air-tight firebox makes it possible to effectively use the stove in the mode of continuous burning. 
    • Special calibrated orifices supply hot air for the complete burning of exhaust gases. 
    • Convective heat-exchange pipes throughout the cross section and length, from the beginning to the end, are located directly in the flame. 
    • The shape of the firebox is that of the flame of the freely burning solid fuel. 
    • You can warm up food on the upper horizontal surface heated with the flame. 
    • The front and rear surfaces on which convective pipes are located take full part in the convective heat exchange.
    • A large replaceable grate ensures regular burning throughout the area of the firebox. Ashes drop down to the ash box through the grate apertures. 
    • With a capacious pull-out ash box you can remove ashes, not interrupting the process of burning. 
    • Inlet holes of convective heat-exchange pipes are higher than the floor level, which is good for free convection of the heated air. 
    • The boiler has a built-in stable base with holes for being fixed to the floor.

Pipes are not included in package: Smoke pipes / Sauna chimney for woodburners

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