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The new Harvia Duo glass wall element is simply a brilliant innovation. The glass wall is designed for use with Harvia Duo stoves and it is not only a decorative element, but a way to share light and heat between sauna and living area. Glass transfers heat into living area more and much faster than masonry. The glass wall and stove can also be installed so that the stove door opens to terrace and the glass wall lets natural light enter the sauna.

Duo glass wall is an easy solution

  • no masonry needed
  • delivery includes all necessary parts, including steel sheet covering of stove’s fire chamber extension
  • you get the benefits of a Duo stove: the sauna stays clean of wood debris and benches can be placed as flexibly as in an electric heated sauna

  • The Harvia Duo glass wall is delivered either without frame or with white aluminium frame. Aluminium trim set, which finishes the installation inside the sauna with ease and style, is delivered with the frame.

    Duo glass wall is compatible with all Harvia Duo stoves
    Harvia Legend 240 Duo, Harvia Legend 300 Duo, Harvia 20 Duo, Harvia 36 Duo, Harvia Classic 220 Duo, Harvia Classic 400 Top Duo
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    9 x 21
    9 x 19


    Without frame
    With frame

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