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The wood burning stove Kastor Karhu JK 27 is a classic stove, that has a new front panel of satin steel and glass window door of a new form. Karhu JK 27 is the sauna wood burner of the Standard Series class, which is offered for small family saunas giving excellent vapor even at low consumption of firewood.

The large mass of stones efficiently and evenly heat the room, to maintain a stable temperature in the sauna room and provide sufficient pleasant heat. Kastor KARHU 27 JK has a transparent glass window with heat resistant glass, which allows you to see the burning firewood without opening the window, making the sauna atmosphere pleasant and comfortable .

Kastor sauna wood burning stoves will provide long-term enjoyment of a soft and pleasant steam, thanks to ample sections for the stones. Reliability and durability - is the quality of products is felt in the weight and thickness of the steel, which distinguishes the oven Kastor in comparison with the products of other manufacturers. The back wall of the firebox protected air guide plate, which stimulates the process of burning , reduces wood consumption and protects the back of the firebox .

Wood-burning stove Kastor Karhu 27 JK suitable for baths of 17 - 27 m3 , Power: 20 kW , Width : 480 mm Depth: 480 mm Height: 920 mm Length of tunnel : 185 mm, weight of stones: 65 kg oven : 74 kg

Non CE-approved
Stones are not included - Sauna stones


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