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Harvia cauldrons are designed for heating larger amounts of water, mostly in cottage settings. They add a genuine Finnish cottage sauna atmosphere. You can choose your traditional sauna cauldron from two different models according to your water needs, either 50 or 80 litres. The durable, stainless steel inner cauldron can easily be removed for cleaning.
The traditional vermiculite insulation of the 80-litre cauldron keeps the outer surface cooler. The outer casing of the Harvia cauldron 80 L has been painted black.


Technical Details
Property name Value
Dimensions width, (mm) 590
Dimensions height, (mm) 740
Dimensions depth, (mm) 590
Weight, (kg) 75
Safety distance to sides and back, (mm) 250
Safety distance to front, (mm) 500
Safety distance from upper surface to ceiling min, (mm) 1200
Location of smoke outlets at rear: from floor to centre of hole, (mm) 530
Diametre of smoke outlet, (mm) 145
Water tank capacity, (l) 80

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