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Päivitetty 22.01.2021
Premium-class electronic sauna control unit for dry & humid sauna operation. All functions like EMOTEC D, but additionally with humidity control. With compact control panel with colour display and a separate relay box. Thanks to the innovative navigation concept, Emotec H allows easy and intiuive operation, all major functions can be reached and set within a few seconds.

For all EOS Bi-O type sauna heaters.

Humidity control - either in proportional to time way (allows constant steam production per given time) or with an optional humidity sensor as per relative air humidity (allows exact humidity setting per rel. air humidity in %).

Output for vaporizer up to 3 kW. With water shortage detection. Quick selection between dry sauna or humid sauna operation modes with a jog-dial.

With the additional convenient features:
  • After-heating (sauna dry program after humid mode)
  • Adjustable after-heating temperature
  • Adjustable after-heating extractor fan speed
  • Adjustable after-heating time
  • Adjustable grace time for refilling the water tank by low level
  • Smart-Heat functions heats up the sauna faster and prevents that the steam production starts while the sauna is not yet well heated
Electrical connection 400 V 3N AC 50 Hz
Power output 9,0 kW resistive load (extension possible: EMOTEC L09 / LSG 18 / LSG 36), 3,0 kW for vaporizer in humid sauna mode
Temperature control range 30 - 115 °C
Humidity control Proportional to time (0 - 100%) or with humidity sensor (rel. %)
Heating time limitation 6 h, 12 h, unlimited
Start time pre-selection 24 h real time or week timer
Cabin light output 230 V / min 5 W, max 100 W, dimmable. Resistive, capacitive, inductive load
Fan output 230 V / max. 100 W, adjustable speed
Sensor system Digital, inc. 5 m cable. 2nd sensor optional. Hum. sens. optional
Control panel (H/W/D) 127 x 130 x 25 mm flush-mounting
Relay box (H/W/D) 270 x 300 x 100 mm wall-mounting

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