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Free your senses

Sense is a brand new line of sauna heaters, combining sleek design with the reliable functionality and genuine quality of Tylö. Sense’s quick and pleasant heat, precise temperature control and smart Eco-functions will free all your senses.


  • Outer casing has unique Thermosafe covering, which keeps the front of the heater at a safe 40 C° and minimize the risk of burns;
  • Integral fragrance dispenser that offers a choice of aromatherapies for a relaxing, sensory experience;
  • Twin side chambers that spread hot air more evenly and quickly;
  • Equipped with Tylö’s energy-saving ”divided output” feature. This means that the heater automatically shifts into save once it reaches the desired temperature;
  • Control panel with thermostat and mechanical timer integrated into the base of the heater;
  • Installation available in two options: wall-mounted (without legs) or standing (with legs)

For more information please read manual. Does not include Sauna stones

Teknisk information
Egenskaper Värde och extra information
Effek, kW 6,6
Basturums min - max volym, m3 4 - 8
Mått (HxBxD),mm 559 x 431 x 337
Vikt, kg ~15
Maximal vikt av stenar (kg) 20 (Ø 5-10cm)
Minsta säkerhetsavstånd (tak / sidor) 1900 mm / 110 mm
Elmätning (fasar) 3X230V, 3X400V+N
Säkring A 1x35 / 3x16
Kopplingskabel (mm2) 5x2,5
Styrenhet Inbyggd
Vattenbehållares volym (l) -