RENTO as a gift


Pour dissolved water on the heater and enjoy the sauna air mixed with aromas.

Forest | Birch | Tar | Eucalyptus | Arctic Berries | Winter spices | Citrus
A bottle of sauna aroma as a gift for every buyer. Tell your sales manager or write in the comments to the order which fragrance you would like to give as a gift.


Sauna speaker Visaton

Complete fantasy IP65, MAX 120°C!
Universal speakers that can be used in the sauna. The perfect solution for a sound system.

AUDIO SPEAKER VISATON FRS 10 WP, 50W – Product information

AUDIO SPEAKER VISATON DL-10, 30 W – Product information

Sauna door Standart

Sauna door Standart 7x19 bronze, alder

Sauna door Standart 7x20 light, alder

Sauna door Standart 8x20 bronze, aspen

Sauna door Standart 8x20 bronze, alder


The specialists in our project department offer complete sauna know-how and offer you the best technical and design solutions for your future sauna room.


Harvia Spirit

Designed and manufactured in Finland, the high-quality design heater is a Harvia masterpiece, combining an excellent sauna experience with safety and reliability. The heater’s structure protects the sauna structures and creates an even temperature thanks to unique and discrete air ventilation channels. The air ventilation channels cool the wall structures and improve the flow of air through the heating elements, creating an even heat in the sauna.

Electric sauna heaters

The Krios sauna heater, despite its small size, offers a large container for stones and is easy to install.

Wood stove Skamet

Fire-burning compartment is in the sauna room. Standard models only feature the upper chimney connections, from the door side. The reverse models are produced on request and feature additional chimney upper connection from the back-wall side.

Sauflex LED kit

12 W / 1m / 60 LED, 5m

The lighting of the sauna is an important detail, which provides half of the relaxing effect in the sauna room. LED lighting will enable you to experience fabulous sensations while visiting sauna. This type of lighting has a wide range of applications. They can be used in the sauna under the ceiling, installed along the wall or under the backrest. The lighting can also be used to illuminate the steam sauna and any other wet room.

Wooden bucket and ladle

Material: Pine

Volume: 4 L

Ladle size: 36 cm

The plastic inner part gives the product a longer life and makes cleaning easy.

Sawo Humidifier

When filled with water SAWO Cozy Tank works as a sauna room humidifier without need to throw water on heater.