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Intercom Group Ltd.
VAT: EE100342105
Address: Silikaltsiidi 8
11216 Tallinn
Estonia, EU

International customer support
Dennis Sundberg
Regional manager

UK, Ireland customer support
Nick Smith  
Regional manager
+44 203 734 78 94

Germany, Austria, Switzerland customer support
Christina Hertz 
Regional manager
+49 302 178 25 79

France, Belgium, Switzerland customer support
Russel Noubissie   
Regional manager
+33 975 129 224

Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania customer support
Dmitri Berg
Regional manager
+372 6 140 331

Sweden, Norway customer support
Sirly Juhkama 
Regional manager
+46 812 410 605

Finland customer support
Dmitri Aaltonen
Regional manager
+358 931 581 714

Whole purchase and sales manager
Denis Artemjev

Sauna & spa design
Project manager
Alex Terentiev  
+44 808 111 60 25

Logistics center , warehouse

Address: Silikaltsiidi 8
11216 Tallinn
Estonia, EU

Address: Silikaltsiidi 8
2nd floor
11216 Tallinn
Estonia, EU

Building Department
Address: Silikaltsiidi 8
1st floor
11216 Tallinn
Estonia, EU

Saunamaailm Store / Showroom /
Address: Pärnu mnt 238
0 floor
11622 Tallinn
Estonia, EU

The European Commission provides a platform for the out-of-court resolution of disputes (ODR platform), which can be viewed under
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