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124.09 $

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Updated 17.06.2024
Thermo cork - is one of the best insulation and finishing materials for bath and sauna. Thermo cork will create a warm, calm and relaxing atmosphere in your sauna room.
The advantages of thermo cork:
The cork is environmentally friendly.
The cork does not absorb moisture.
The cork is very flexible and elastic. 
The cork does not swell and deform under high temperature.
The cork does not burn. It only smoldering, even with open flame.
The cork is a light weight material, strong in compression and bending.
The cork panels are easy to cut, ensuring a clean and quick work, saves time and money.
An important characteristic of the cork is durability. The cork doesn’t have artificial chemical additives, while it does not rot. The cork panels can be joined with all kinds of building materials.
Size of thermo cork panel:
Width: 500 mm
Length: 1000 mm
Thickness: 40 mm
Price for 4 piece

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